Betty Mae Wrote Weekly is a digital letter from me to you.

It's a chance to share stories of daily life and the goings on in this little home of mine;  letter writing prompts to help keep those letter writing juices a flowing; and the simple things that bring us joy.

My hope is that this note in your inbox will feel more like a letter that you'd receive in the mail, from a friend.

It's an opportunity for us to focus on encouraging one another to take the time to slow down, enjoy the simple, lovely moments of life - have that cup of tea, bake (and eat!) that cake, plant those seeds, pick those flowers, use that precious reloved china, create papery goodies, and write those lovely letters. 

As part of joining this free email community, you will also receive my Printable Letter Writing Set, to get you on your letter writing way:) Please feel free to print it out as many times as you like:)

I usually send emails 1-2 times per week. Mondays are more stories based, and  Thursdays tend to showcase something new, or cute, or just plain lovely, that can be found in my shop, Tea + Toast Stationery subscription box goings on, and anything else that might be interesting or inspiring to us both.

So, happy, cosy days to you, and I look forward to our time together. 

Much love 

Kim x

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Betty Mae Wrote will send weekly emails to keep you up to date with letter writing prompts, stories from home, Tea + Toast Club subscriptions, shop goodies and all things stationery and letter writing. Please click the email box to let me know that you are happy with hearing from me from time to time, in that way.

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